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Dr. Joy Fagan 

​Dr. Joy Fagan, Ed.D, is Founder and President of SiFi Ministry, Inc. and the Safe Harbor House. She stepped down from her career as a professor of Biblical and Ministry Studies in 2013, and now focuses her attention on creating pathways for women coming out of trauma and substance abuse at Safe Harbor. Joy also has been speaking and teaching in a variety of contexts on topics such as gender identity, human trafficking, women’s ministry, spiritual formation, and various biblical topics. She has a passion for teaching and equipping women to be all that they can be for all that Christ is. She is involved with the Clark County Jail chaplaincy in Springfield, OH, and serves on the board of reference for Women at Risk International. A 2005 graduate of Southern Seminary with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Church Ministry, Joy resides in Springfield, OH. She previously earned her Masters of Religious Education at Grand Rapids Seminary. 


Truman Harris III & Ashley Harris

Truman is a graduate of Springfield North High School and holds an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice from OIP.  He has been employed with a public utility company for the past 10 years where he brings the kingdom of God to his job by reflecting Christ. He is the husband of Ashley Harris and the proud father of four children. Truman feels called home to southwest Springfield to partner with those who want to rebuild, restore, and bring God's kingdom to the city. He has the Father's heart to pursue the lost and encourage the believer who has been bound by the enemy's lies.


Ashley plays a multi-faceted role including an activist for racial reconciliation and holds a leadership position as an Elder at her church. She began her own healing journey from trauma and became a Certified Peer Support Specialist through the state of Ohio. She also holds a certification in strategic prevention and motivational interviewing. Before coming to Springfield, Ashley was involved in Value Life Ministries, a crisis pregnancy resource program, in Columbus. In 2014, Ashley felt called to serve as a Night Shift Leader and then promoted to Phase Coach Coordinator at Safe Harbor House in Springfield.  Ashley served at the non-profit ministry for women coming out of trauma for over four years. She believes in Jesus Christ's ability to redeem and make broken things beautiful as he has done with her life. 


As co-laborers for Christ and community advocates Truman and Ashley have volunteered at the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center and taught "Dating without Drama" classes to residents of Safe Harbor House. They are mentors with Miami Valley Marriage Resource Center and also board members of Sober Lotus of Xenia. Truman and Ashley also founded Clean Slate Investments, LLC in 2016 as a rental and real estate business. Together, their vision is to bring restorative justice and love to the community. 


In 2016 Truman and Ashley made the decision to relocate their family to Springfield. Their four children are Xavion, Essence, Sincere, and Truman Liam.


Diana Cuy Castellanos

Diana Cuy Castellanos previously worked in Guatemala as a co-director for community health and development. While working in this capacity, she engaged closely with the local church, schools, health organizations, and individual community members who had a heart for their communities. While there, Diana saw the social divide between the indigenous and Latino and noticed she was treated differently since she was from the US. She realized her purpose was to build bridges between people and to reflect on how we are all created equally in God's image.


This inspiration followed Diana when she returned to the US. She worked with the Children's Rescue Center in Springfield. They developed a "third place" coffee shop in West Springfield. The purpose was to bring a positive physical place to the area where people from different walks of life could gather, learn from one another, and drink coffee from around the world.

Diana is excited by seeing people empowered by knowing their purpose in Christ. She desires to see a healthy community, people living together wholeheartedly. She is hopeful for Southwest Springfield and believes there are so many untapped assets in the city and feels honored to be asked to be a part of Springfield's community development by being on this board.


Roxanne Taylor

As a Southwest Springfield native, Roxanne Taylor has seen many troubling things such as a lack of resources and removal of others. Roxanne lived through the civil rights era in a home with a Caucasian step-father and it created a desire in her to see peace among all races. She has experienced personal discrimination for her race and even her zip code and wants to see healing in those with similar stories. She wants to be part of a movement that helps restore broken families, establishes places for the youth to come together, and revitalizes Springfield. Roxanne thinks it is time that we, as a community, pour into our community. Change will come through God's people who are committed to the area and developing lasting relationships.

Roxanne Taylor is known throughout the Springfield community for her work as both a hairstylist and a worker at Safe Harbor House. She also spent twenty years facilitating a morning prayer ministry, so she understands the need to lay a prayer foundation for the city to be successful. Roxanne joined Legacy because she values connecting with others and building relationships within the city.

"There is a push for social justice, but I believe that Biblical justice is the only way that racism will be quenched and orphans and widows will be cared for."

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